Ocean Kids Nursery is a unique child care setting that focuses on all children’s developmental needs and wellbeing.

Ocean kids bases all there learning on the EYFS which is the foundation used to extend and enrich children’s learning from an early age to four years through the transition to school.

Our specific emphases are on play-based learning activities designed to encourage children to independently investigate the world around them while responding to diversity with respect. Therefore our educators strive to provide a stimulating and safe environment where a child’s physical, intellectual, cultural, social, personal and emotional needs are met. Sustainability and socially responsible and show respect for their surroundings.


“Every child deserves a champion-an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be.

        Rita Pierson.

We believe that the most important things that happens to children during the early years are not easily measured and cannot be sent home on paper, but they do go home as memories in the hearts and minds of the children.

All educators are qualified in the field of early education and works to develop an age appropriate curriculum based on the children’s interests.

High quality facilities where toddlers and children up to 4 years are given the opportunity to learn through the unique methodologies of the power of play and the nurturing loving environment that is essential in helping children gain the concepts of life skills that will impact on their future.

 At ocean kids Space Impacts Learning as a key and we are committed to providing learning space that is both secure and stimulating. Ocean kids areas are age appropriate and designed to accommodate our “British curriculum” approach. This means children are to be exposed to many experiences and objects to get their creative juices flowing. As such, our space is secure empowering and accessible for children to enable them to explore and use to build their curated play experience.


2 to 3 Years

Independence, Strengthened Fine Motor Control, Confidence, and Self-Esteem are the core foundation Skills for this age as your child is prepared for FS at ocean kid’s school.

The Pre-school program seeks to support the transition of children to the foundation class by supporting them in different areas of development.

Personal, Social And Emotional Development (PSED)

Your child will begin making meaningful connections and building relationships. This is when first friends are made within their peer groups. If they’re shy, we’ll help them fit in, and if they are extroverts, we’ll help them develop cooperation and social skills. Whatever their natural demeanors, we’ll nurture their strengths.


3 to 4 Years

The foundation program is designed to prepare your child to thrive in Kindergarten and primary schools. Within the FS program, your child will expand on their knowledge and experience through play-based activities. Every game has a purpose and every activity has a positive lesson and outcome. We continue developing routines, all the while expanding their literacy, math, and social skills in our FS class at ocean kid’s school.

Personal, Social And Emotional Development

A positive outlook and relationships are so important for your child’s happy future in school and later in life. It’s crucial for your child to see adults as resources and as partners in their learning.

As they master how to collaborate with others, to care for materials, and to do so independently, they are comfortable with others and themselves, preparing them to navigate the world confidently.

We give your child the time, space and material they need to explore, build their awareness, and make happy, lasting connections to people and things

Day Care

We want to be the teachers that when our children look back on their education they feel love in their hearts have a smile on their face and can truly say they knew that we cared!

 At Ocean Kids, we are dedicated to providing the best possible care to the children attending our day care program.

When families know their children are in a safe and caring environment, they are able to focus on their career or educational goals. We are open Sundays to Thursdays from 8:00am till 6:00 pm. Our pre-school and foundation classes have a general schedule that includes time for extra co-activities and gymnasium play sessions, snacks  and structured and unstructured play. We recognize the importance of routine in developing a sense of security for young children, therefore, the schedule is followed on a daily basis. Our wonderful teachers program stimulating and challenging learning experiences on a weekly basis that are based on emerging interests they have observed amongst the children. Our child centered, emergent curriculum puts equal emphasis on all experiences, learning through free play, social and emotional education, inquiry and basic higher order thinking skills for our age groups.

Sleep and good quality rest are essential in the healthy development of young children. Naps in the rest rooms are as per the child’s schedule and requirements.  Preschool and Foundations children have a quiet rest period every day after lunch. If a child chooses not to sleep, an early riser area is available where they can engage in quiet activities.

 Holiday Camps

Whenever it comes to halfway of the term in a year, Our minds run to the holiday break.

But with expatriate lifestyle comes the need to plan ahead; what exactly are you doing for the holiday during a year? For those of you who are staying with little ones, We've perfect holiday camps for our kids to enjoy. Little ones from 2years old up to 4 years old are welcome at Ocean Kids Nursery Holiday.

Most parents can recall a time when they witnessed their child trying to kick a ball, but then totally miss - or seeing their child place the palm of their hands on their face, believing that they have become invisible.

It's this behavior that has inspired the Ocean kids Team for their holiday camps . In fact, the camp's entire themes will always be designed to inspire our age groups.  Children are subjected to new experiences, the more skills they have and the more successful they become in the future!

Kids will be given the opportunity to explore new settings, work on their cognitive thinking skills, and learn through music and through numbers.

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