Rules & Regulations

  • Dress code must be strictly followed, that is track pants with our Ocean Kids logo T-shirt and shoes.
  • Fees should be paid beginning of every month (latest by 5th of every month). AED 50 /- fine for late payments.
  • Regular attendance is important for the student's progress.
  • No compensation will be given for transportation or regular class.
  • On event of a stage show performance / competition, additional expenses (costume, transport, entry fes etc) should be borne by parents.
  • E- mail us Pass port copy , Visa co p y& P as sport size Photo to info@ocean
  • An additional charge of AED 25 will be applicable for an extra T-shirt.
  • No refundable policy of fees.
  • Chewing gum, food stuff and mobile phone are strictly prohibited during the class hours.
  • More than one child from a family (2nd & 3rd) child can avail 5% discount.
  • Only maximum of 2 discount scheme can be availed per family.
  • Ocean kids reserves the right to admission.
  • Ocean kids reserves the right to refuse to pick up children who have not paid.
  • Ocean kids will not be liable for any personal injuries, loss or damage to personal property, while attending the class.
  • On all Govern men t Holidays Institute will be closed. (No Compensation class)
  • K ids photo will be used for advertisement purpose, if you have any objection kindly give us in writing.
  • Parents are not allowed to enter the class during class hours.
  • For any valid reason, Ocean Kids reserves the authority to stop the student from attending the class.