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Loving and learning guitar are two different matters entirely. Instead of just envying your guitar idols like most raving fans, you can develop your style and brand. And what better way than learning to Guitar play. With our Online Guitar Lessons in Dubai, Ocean Kids Academy helps you evolve as guitar pro in no time.

Playing the guitar certainly helps in enhancing your brain to function via initiating signals that subconsciously commands your hands to memorize where to place your finger on a certain fret be it left or right chord.

By playing the guitar especially on your favorite song or music, it helps in satisfying your basic needs like inner fulfillment, personal pleasure and self-achievement. When that happens, you feel more motivated to move on. That is why enrolling in Guitar Classes in Dubai is an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

There are different types of guitars like Classical, Plectrum, Electric Guitar. We do offer Plectrum guitar methods in our guitar classes Dubai. Do you want to learn Guitar Lesson with the best Teachers, then join the best Guitar Training Center in Al Karama, Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi.



    • Stimulates brain activity and improves memory
    • Develops discipline and extends the patience
    • Relieves stress
    • Creates a sense of achievement
    • Fosters self-expression and communication of emotions


    Time: 1hr per class

    Age: Kids & Adults ( 7+ years)

    Group Classes: Students are required to attend an assigned weekly group class lesson. Group classes are conducted in a positive, non-competitive atmosphere where children are encouraged to interact with each other, perform and evaluate the performance of others.

    Course: Trinity College of London (exam & certificate )



    We ensure full preparation of students for Trinity College of London exams.

    Every year Trinity College supports the Music Lesson education of thousands of students with assessments across a wide spectrum.

    Trinity graded examinations span performing, teaching, theory of music and composing, and all of which are fully accredited by the relevant UK regulatory bodies.

    TCL Qualifications in music performances and theory are included in the UK Universities and Colleges Admission Service (UCAS) tariff, and attract UCAS points for university and higher education entry.

    Yearly two sessions of Practical and two sessions of theory offered :

    TCL Practical : April, May, June, November, December, January

    TCL Theory : May, November.

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