Our Courses

  • skill-dev-f
    Skill Development
    Children especially escape from math subjects because they find them very challenging and mentally tired. Vedic maths is the solution to help your child not be afraid of math.
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  • dance classes
    Dance Classes Dubai
    Dance is a creative form of expression. You are never too young to learn dancing. This performing art form is beneficial to kids as it boosts early childhood development and self-confidence.
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  • Violin
    Music Classes
    Learning an instrument or singing is said to stimulate the brain and help in early language acquisition and reading skills. Exposure to different music also allows your kids to explore different cultures and traditions.
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  • Art Drawing canvas painting Dubai
    Art Classes Dubai
    Art allows children to thrive. Young kids are naturally creative and imaginative. Art and Drawing classes in Dubai Ocean Kids allow them to be themselves as they express their creativity and simultaneously learn important life skills.
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  • robotics-thumb
    Education is changing worldwide. Today we want kids have knowledge and skills to think for themselves, to gather evidence, and to be able to stand up to a problem and solve it.
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  • Karate classes Dubai
    Karate Classes
    This popular unarmed martial arts form is a great way for young children to engage in a physical activity and at the same time learn self-control, focus and discipline.
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  • Yoga classes kids Dubai
    Yoga for kids encourages positive growth. Our yoga classes supervised by professional yoga teachers, helps young kids learn balance and coordination, flexibility and self confidence
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  • Swimming Classes
    Enrolling children in exciting and fun camps during their vacation allows them to learn new skills and interact with other children of their own age. We conduct summer, spring and winter camps
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    Ocean Kids Nursery is a unique child care setting that focuses on all children’s developmental needs and wellbeing.
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