Let’s Blend Education With Entertainment

Being a responsible parent, imparting quality education to our kids is one among the few factors that top our priority list. But kids need to be refreshed too. Why don’t we dab some extra-curricular and co-curricular activities to their drab life and make it entertaining?

Mix Education and Entertainment and give it to them as early as possible.

If mixed right and introduced as early as possible, a good balance between education and entertainment is developed in the child from the childhood itself. It would do best if you realize your child’s innate talents and foster them as early as possible. Do not force your child to learn an art they aren’t interested in. Find an activity that they like: Some options include music classes, dancing classes and drawing classes.

Set separate timings for education and co-curricular activities. The kids can go to school and study during the day and can indulge in extra-curricular activities during the evening. Isn’t it better to devote time practicing something useful than spending hours on television and mobile phones?

Reward your child with incentives when they study hard enough and take time off for entertainment through playing, going for walks, drives, or having meals with together and so on. Similarly kids can utilize their leisure time by reading information-laden illustrative books from the library. Books are entertaining along with boosting vocabulary, linguistic prowess and knowledge.

Gradually, as kids grow up, let their education and entertainment intersect.

Extracurricular activities can be an excellent way of educating as well as entertaining kids. Extra- curricular activities, if found appealing can be cultivated into hobbies for a lifetime. Hobbies are more than things to kill time with. Do you know that hobbies have a positive impact when listed on CV’s?

Music, Dance, Arts and Crafts, Drama and Acting, Film Making, Modelling, Cooking and Baking Classes.. there are so many fun-filled activities your child can take up.

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