Benefits of Summer Camp in Dubai – Ocean Kids

Schools out for the summer and your children have a lot of free time on their hands. For parents concerned about how to help their kids spend this time productively, consider sending them to a summer camp. Summer camps are a fun way for children to spend time with their peers and engage in active learning. What parents probably don’t realize is that in addition to having fun, camps are a great place for learning as well. Here are a few of the many benefit of sending your kids to a summer camp

  • A place to develop social skills and make friends. Camps include a lot of group activities that allow for positive interaction with other children of the same age. Your kids can learn important life lessons like teamwork and leadership.
  • Boosting self-esteem and confidence. Camps provide a perfect environment for children, especially the shy ones, to step outside their comfort zone through exciting and fun challenges.
  • Physical activities that boost health. Instead of spending time during the summer holidays watching TV or playing video games all day your kids get a chance to engage in physical games with their peers.
  • Education even in the summer – Camps are a great place for children to learn important things outside of the usual classroom environment. Children learn coordination, creativity and problem solving through the various activities at camp.

Ocean Kids provides exciting summer camps in Dubai for children with a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities. Some of the activities we engage in include dance, music, karate, art and craft, non-fire cooking, swimming and many more fun and age appropriate activities. Other Ocean Kids camps include winter and spring camp. Our camp employs trained teachers who have many years working with kids of all ages. Enroll your kids this summer!

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