Encouraging Creativity Through Music Classes for Kids

Children are usually fun loving and highly energetic and it’s up to the parents to direct this energy and enthusiasm into productive activities. Music is one of those things that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Both children and adults can all learn to love and appreciate music and there is no fixed age to introduce your children to music. Here are a few benefits of enrolling your child in music lessons.

  • Improves academic skills. The skills acquired from learning music carries through to other educational skills. For example it’s scientifically proven that music and math are closely linked. Music is known to bolster brain power and improve memory as well as developing language skills.
  • Develop fine motor skills. Learning to play an instrument can help develop fine motor skills through improved coordination and dexterity. For example learning to play a piano improves hand eye coordination and also improves concentration. All these important skills are useful for their daily lives.
  • Boosts confidence. Music education is known to develop self confidence in young children as well as providing a means for creative self-expression. Children learn to use constructive feedback to improve their music skills. It’s no wonder that music therapy has proven to be beneficial for children with developmental disorders.
  • Exposure to different cultures. By listening to different kinds of music and familiarizing themselves with different instruments from around the world, children are introduced to the role music plays in different cultures. This vastly broadens their mind and not mention, it’s fun!

With all these benefits, the importance of music education for young children cannot be stressed enough. Ocean Kids Dubai is a music and dance academy in Dubai, we provide comprehensive music lesson to kids with the help of our experienced and talented music teachers. We teach singing as well as several instruments such as guitar, piano and violin. For more information on our music classes for kids call +971 505987143

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